We believe passionately that God’s love and power is the answer to overcoming the problems that we all face in life. We invite you to join with us to investigate and experience this for yourself.

Serving Others

We will seek to serve others in spritual, emotional,
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We will take the good news of Jesus and
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Discipling & Empowerment

Empowering each other to serve God is a key
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We will seek God's guidance as we prepare and
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Modelling Family

We will establish and develop relationships which will model
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We believe we are called to be holy; therefore
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Holy Spirit

We recognise the Holy Spirit as an equal part
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Celebration & Thanksgiving

We will worship God and glorify Him. We will
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Our Leadership Team

Lesley Hamilton

I am married to Duncan and we have been blessed with three fabulous sons. I love family holidays, chocolate, musical theatre and laughing with friends. Jesus is my first love;...

Duncan Hamilton

I am married to Lesley and together we have had the pleasure of raising 3 sons, Jack, Tom and Charlie. Being involved with leadership of Church@lindsayfield has been a steep...

Gillian Adam

I’m married to Douglas and we have two daughters. Our eldest is just about to head to university so we’re heading into the unknown as parents. I head up the CAP work...

Alan McMaster

I am married to Nicola and have two great children, Alex and Gracie. I believe that God has called me to be an apostle in the local church and in...

Joanne Robertson

I am passionate about equipping people to find their love for God and passion for transformation. I come alive bringing strategy and communicating heavenly solutions, and I have a desire...

Liz White

I have been married to Billy for 30 years and we have 3 lovely children, now all adults in their twenties. I thoroughly enjoy being a mother and feel particularly...