It was great to take some time out recently at Graeme and Linda’s for the prayer morning. It’s funny how I love spending time with Jesus, but sometimes find it hard to do. So, it was great to have some intentional time set aside to quietly listen to him and join in praying with others.

During the morning the phrase “catch the thermals” came to mind. I lingered on it and then reached for google to investigate! There is a long explanation of thermals, but the bit that caught my eye is this :

Once a thermal is encountered, the pilot or bird flies in circles to keep within the thermal, so gaining altitude before flying off to the next thermal and towards the destination. This is known as “thermalling”. Climb rates depend on conditions, but rates of several meters per second are common. Thermals can also be formed in a line usually because of the wind or the terrain, creating cloud streets. These can allow flying straight while climbing in a continuous lift.

I think that at the moment, we as a church are “thermalling” around the community centre, we are not just going round in circles, we are gaining altitude in preparation for catching the next thermal towards our destination.

Our part is to stay connected with Jesus and stay connected with each other so that when the next thermal comes we move on together to what God has planned for us …. Wherever that might be!