worship band

At the heart of what we do at church is worship. We worship before every gathering, meeting or event that we host.

We have a passion for excellence and, just like David did, we want to play and sing skilfully before the Lord.

Teaching Team


We are a group of people, from across the age spectrum, who love God’s Word and communicating it’s life transforming truths. We desire to teach and help equip the church so that they can know Jesus more intimately, and live more victoriously for Him, helping each person to fulfil God’s calling on their lives.

Life Groups

Cultural Landscape Foundation
Omstead Parks

Life Groups are the small groups of Church@Lindsayfield that provide an environment to journey together in a more intimate community setting providing an opportunity for sharing food and social times, and for deep discussion, ministry and conversation.

Prayer Ministry


We are passionate about the power of prayer and value the need to stand with individuals in prayer to minister the heart of God into their lives and situations.

Our trained prayer ministry team whose heart is to enable the church in ministry and facilitate what God is doing in the room during our prayer times before and after the service.

Students & 20’s – 30’s

We have a passion to see our generation take seriously their walk with Christ, to be grounded in the word and flourish together in spirit, to meet and encourage one another, to have fun, to build one another up and to be accountable to each other.