Transforming Lives Through God’s Love and Power.

We believe passionately that God’s love and power is the answer to overcoming the problems that we all face in life. We invite you to join with us to investigate and experience this for yourself.

Our Values


We seek to serve others in spiritual, emotional, social and practical ways.


We will take the good news of Jesus and demonstrate His love to those who do not know Him in our homes, our schools, our workplaces, our neighbourhoods and communities. We will seek to support others who do the same.


Empowering each other to serve God is a key priority. We commit to supporting the church family to recognise and use gifts for His Glory and to reach out to others. We will identify, train and support one another to walk in the unique calling of God in our lives and raise up Pastors, Teachers, Apostles, Avangelists and Prophets.


We will seek God’s guidance as we prepare and implement programmes of teaching and opportunities to ensure growth in every church member. We will cater for all the teaching needs and we will mentor members through each stage of spiritual growth. We will promote the study of God’s Word diligently and sytematically and will outline short and long term plans for this.


We believe we are called to be holy; therefore we have a desire to be presence carriers of God and to commit to a life dedicated to prayer and study of His Word. We will seek to display the fruits of the Spirit through an initimate relationship with God and by embracing the power of the Holy Spirit.


We will establish and develop relationships which will model family as God intends it, demonstrated through our love and care for each other. We will welcome and accept all people equally with respect and in a loving, tender way, without judgement.

Holy Spirit

We recognise the Holy Spirit as an equal part within the Trinity. We will live in constant expectation of His gifts, His equipping and enabling power. In everything we do we will have an expectation of the Holy Spirit’s transforming power and presence.


We will worship God and glorify Him. We will declare the difference God is making in our individual and corporate lives, testifying to how He answers prayers. We will use and clebrate the gifts with which He has blessed us and will engage in thanksgiving at all times.

Our Leaders

Lesley Hamilton Headshot

Lesley Hamilton

Lesley is passionate about working with others to create opportunities for children, young people and adults to experience the freedom which is found in a personal relationship with Jesus.

Duncan Hamilton Headshot

Duncan Hamilton

Duncan is a leader with a passion for teamwork both at church and in his workplace.  His leadership responsibilities include finance and worship teams.

Gillian Adam Headshot

Gillian Adam

Gillian’s desire is to see the church integrated into our community, interacting in every way possible, offering solutions to real-life issues.

Joanne Robertson Headshot

Joanne Robertson

Joanne is passionate about raising up others, equipping them to know God, love people and stand firm in their identity.

Liz Headshot

Liz White

Liz has committed her life to finding opportunities to invest in others. She believes in supporting and strengthening local communities through active Christian love & service.





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But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

John 4:14